This Is What You Probably Didnt Know About The Lady Mzungu Makanga

The lady Mzungu makanga surprised many people in Kenya for the simple reason she is a mzungu makanga and a woman at that. However her story is even more shocking. Having been born and brought up in Runda, Lucia Alessandra Murotto, 26, is an Italian girl who had it all but it seems that was not enough.

Entering the matatu industry at 18 years old, she would visit matatu bus terminuses and observe just what happened for days on end. However not until early this year is when she became an official matatu conductor. Officially operating as the weekend conductor of Kitengelas Tity Boy, on a good day she earns about sh.1000. Even though her day starts as early as 5 am and ends at 10 pm, she seems happy and content although her family and friends do not understand her career choice.

All in all with the fact that many matatu conductors want to get out of the business and get other fulfilling careers, it will be a wonder if any understand her. Here is a video of her on a typical day going about her business.

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