Check Out This Mean German Machines That Will Soon Be Chasing Offenders On The Kenyan Highways


The Kenya Police Department seems to be going a notch higher and this is by acquiring new sophisticated BMW motorbikes which were recently shipped into the country. The motorbikes were spotted being ferried in lorries along Mombasa Road on Thursday evening. Later on the overzealous Director of Digital Communications Office of the President Dennis Itumbi shared a photo on one of the bikes.

Up to now no official communication from the police nor the government has been given to confirm about the purchase and the features of the superbikes. However, our moles informed us that the bikes are BMW R 1200 and such a single superbike goes for around 1.7 million. The bike is specially designed for police jobs and is characterized by sirens, stainless protection bars and an extra switch gear which comes in handy for emergency landing.
This model of superbike can accelerate from 0 to 160 kilometres per hour in 10.55 seconds and its maximum speed is 210 kph.

Here is a video of the bikes:

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