This Is The Kenyan Man Who Is Fighting For His Life After Being Stabbed 37 Times

With the recent killings of black men in the US by the police, relatives of loved ones in Kenya have been keener to check on their relatives living abroad every day. With many waiting to hear the worst, reality is that the police are not always involved, and homicidal killings are mostly carried out by fellow ordinary citizens.

According to a story from jambonewspot a Kenyan US based citizen by the name of Ken is fighting for his life after he was stabbed 37 times by a man who is supposedly a close friend. The incident which happened in his house in Arlington, TX occurred on Thursday night, and was orchestrated by the same man he had sheltered in his own house before.
Although it has not been confirmed, it was claimed that the incident happened when a female friend who seemed to have been with Ken called the attacker. The attacker then proceeded to stab ken 37 times as she watched. Although the motive behind the attack is not yet known, the attacker did leave ken alive, who then proceeded to call the police. Investigations have since been launched.

Here is a photo of Ken in hospital.

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