This Is The Racist Ad In The Daily Nation That Has Angered Kenyans Everywhere

Kenyans on Twitter are a bunch of people no newspaper should anger and it seems the Daily Nation is finding this out the hard way. In yesterdays job advertisement section, the newspaper advertised job vacancies for 10 sales executives that were required to be of Asian origin. However what makes it worse is that in the requirements given, they ought to be fresh from high school and no work experience is needed for them to get the job. When it came to the 2 store keeper positions advertised to Kenyans, all applicants applying should either have a diploma or degree in store keeping in addition to a one year experienc

With the biasness clear, Kenyans took it personally stating they will not be racially profiled in their own country. Boniface Mwangi even went ahead to quote the constitution, stating the illegality of the advert posted by daily nation.
Capture 2


All in all with the fact the company is not known, Daily nation is getting the entire backlash and one hopes this time they do learn from their mistakes.

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