Urembo Ni Tabia Sio Sura!! Miss World Kenya Has Been Stripped Off Her Title Over A Serious Situation

Roshanara Ebrahim the reigning miss world Kenya has had her crown and title taken away from her. In a press release statement about her ousting, the statement said in simple terms that Roshanara Ebrahim will not be representing Kenya as Miss World Kenya both locally and internationally. It went on to say that a grave situation came to their attention of her breaching the code of conduct and the contract in place, on how a holder of the title should conduct themselves and thus the need to strip her off her title. A warning was also given to future contestants to manage their private and public life, as beauties worth representing their country.

With this statement Miss World Kenya Miss Roshanara Ebrahim has lost not only her job but her face in the modeling industry. In her response to the statement she apologized, accepting the decision of the miss world office to take the title from her. She went ahead advising other participants to ensure that their personal life does not interfere with their role as miss world Kenya. She finished by saying that she looks forward to her successor to do better.

Rumor has it that Miss Roshanara Ebrahim was spotted in the presence of Governor Kabogo and Moses Kuria at some occasions, however nothing has been confirmed yet. Probably this had something to do with the decision. All in all, one thing is clear, although she is one of the prettiest miss world Kenya beauties to hold the title, “Urembo ni Tabia Sio Sura”.

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