Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! You Will Probably Not Eat For A Month After Seeing How This Restaurant Prepares Their Kuku “Pono”

Remember a few months ago when Nairobians feared that they were consuming Marabou Stork birds, well things just got worse. There is a picture on social media that has since gone viral showing what can only be described as the most disgusting thing ever. For those who love Nairobi kuku “Pono”, you should be aware that some fast food joints are flouting food and safety regulations in the worst way possible. This is probably why food poisoning cases are on the rise in some areas.

The picture which is making rounds shows some chicken that is probably being prepared in a toilet after slaughter. Why would someone in their right mind choose this specific location to prepare food that would then be sold to well paying customers. Who knows what else the toilet is used for and the underlying risks they may be putting other people’s lives in. All in All, those who love fast food should take extra caution when choosing where to get those delicious treats.

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