Postmortem Results Of The Slain KU Fresh Graduate Reveal The Worst And Shock The Nation Even More

The murder of the 22 year old fresh graduate from Kenyatta University is still shocking the nation. This comes after a postmortem report indicated that the deceased was stabbed 22 times. It is absurd for her barbaric boyfriend to allege that she killed her because of love when she had the courage to stab her all these times. It is claimed that he ensured the girl was dead before breaking the news to her family. This has contradicted the earlier reports that Maxwell Ochieng had stabbed Edinas Nyaindi 10 times before she died at Kahawa Wendani a few weeks ago.

The deceased’s body was discovered at Maxwell’s house by the police. Pathologist Dr. Johansen Odour confirmed that the deceased was stabbed 22 times. This has left many Kenyans wondering why someone would kill his girlfriend when he alleges to have loved her. The reports concluded that Edinas died because of excessive bleeding following the stabbing by her 36 year old boyfriend.

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