This Is Possibly One Of The Most Horrific Men In The History Of Kenya


In the past few weeks Kenyans have been subjected to incidents of rage associated with passion, which do not seem to make sense. After the much publicized killing of the recently graduated KU female and the case of the angry woman who set her husband’s genitals on fire, another more bizarre incident has occurred. This time a man named Stephen Ngila Nthenge aged 34 has chopped the hands of his wife Ms Jackline Mwende, 27, whom he has married for the last 7 years. The reason behind it is apparently because they could not sire children. Strangely enough it’s reported that the man was the one with the infertility problems.

According to the wife they had just recently visited a doctor and the results showed that he was having problems with his sperm count. He was however told that with treatment it could be easily corrected and he could sire children. On hearing this, he left his matrimonial for 3 months, only to come back and commit the bizarre act of chopping both his wife’s hands and face. He has since been arrested in Machakos after fleeing his home in Masii. He has however denied the charges of attempted murder leveled against him and has been remanded till August 5th when the case will be heard at Wamunyu Law courts.

Jackline Mwende in hospital:

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