Dancehall Superstar Beenie Man Has Contracted One Of The World’s Most Incurable Diseases


Dancehall Superstar Beenie Man has been denied entry into Canada to perform a show, after he contracted the Zika Virus. The Zika virus although primarily mosquito transmitted mainly affects newborns, causing deformities when passed through the mother to the baby before birth. Even though there are no vaccines it is pretty harmless to mature adults. That is what scientist know by now.

With Beenie mans visa rejection, many have to start considering not to travel into Zika prone areas, as they may contract the virus through contact. All in all with one confirmed report of Zika being transmitted through intercourse, maybe the Canadian embassy was scared that their ladies would offer themselves to Bernie .

Beenie’s statement about the issue was plain and simple he stated “No visa fi mi Canada show. The same Zika mosquito gi mi dengue. Blood test, injections, pills. Wi a hol firm still.” On instagram.
With this the Saturday show at Toronto’s OVO Fest was cancelled.

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