Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton “the devil”, Fears The US Presidential Election Rigging

Donald Trump must be pretty sure he is going to lose the election, as he is now playing the victim card. This is after the Republican Party where he “accepted’ the nomination, seems to have realized that the support from the bigwigs is nonexistent. In his speech on Monday in Ohio he bluntly stated that he was afraid that the elections will be rigged and his followers should be very careful. He went a step further by telling Bernie Sander that he had made a bad move by supporting Hillary since Hillary Clinton is the Devil.

According to the statement made by trump as reported by CNN, Trump claimed that there were numerous rumors circulating around, claiming that Hilary will indeed rig the elections. On hearing the comments, the Democrats dismissed them as one of Trump many theatrics and that shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Since this is clearly not the first time Trump has made such outrageous accusations, it obvious that he is indeed afraid of losing the elections come November 8th.

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