Governor Kabogo and Sonko Come in Defense of Esther Passaris’ sexual harassment allegations against Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi


In a twitter rant on Monday, businesswoman Esther Passaris revealed that Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi had demanded some bedroom favors from her. In exchange, her tenders for her Adopt-A-Light project would be approved. After she rejected the uncanny offers, Equity CEO James broke the three-year contract she acquired with the bank after only two years. She also accused him of trying to force himself into her room when attending Strathmore Business School Training at Mount Kenya Safari Club. On being rejected he vowed to finish her off and has since done so, now she can no longer keep quiet.

Sheding light on the issue, Governor Kabogo came out stating that he always knew that Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi was a fisi and that his cheeky smile does not fool him. In tweet he said

“I have always known there was a beast behind that Skin. You can always tell from his Chicky smile”
Esther passaris was quick to point out that Sonko was the first politician to come to her defense about the issue, in an exclusive interview with

With most people stating that they are airing their dirty linen in public after things went south, one has to agree that unlike the Rachael Shebesh issue, Esther Passaris is not afraid to stand firm against powerful men who are considered angels.

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