This Is The Man Who Leaked Chelah Yegon’s Adult Movie And Made Her Life A Living Hell

Chelah Yegon just like many other people who’ve had their bedroom moments leaked online, became an instant celebrity once her video came out. To help save face, Chelah decided to play it cool and claim that she was a blue movie actress. However, after some investigations carried out by Mpasho, it was revealed that the pictures and video were leaked in a similar manner to majority of such cases. It was by a disgruntled ex, out to get some sick form of vengeance and closure.

Chelah’s sister, Penelope Yegon, exposed the man behind the leaked footage. She identified him as a Tanzanian man by the name Jamal Mahmud. He was once Chelah Yegon’s boyfriend before she decided to leave him. Apparently, according to her statement, this is not the first time he’s made such tapes with women. She wants him to be brought to book for his actions.

Here are some pictures of Jamal Mahmud with Chelah Yegon



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