This Is Why KTN Actor Was Stripped To His Undies And Roughed Up Like A Thief In Nyayo Estate


A teenager who stars in a popular KTN television show which airs on Sunday was roughed up and stripped to his undies by security guards at Nyayo estate. They initially thought he was attempting to break into one of the houses in the area. Apparently the unlucky lad was trying to sneak in to see a young lady. This is from unconfirmed reports by Nyayo Embakasi Residents Association (Nera) Chairman, Robert Alai and a number of Facebook posts.

Pictures of the incident went viral almost immediately, capturing mixed reactions from all over. The pictures show the young actor being dragged and pinned to the ground. In another picture it appears that the guards had attempted to strip him of his clothes probably to search him. It’s clear that the guy was indeed a minor and the guards may have used a bit more force than they should have when handling the precarious situation. Controversial blogger, Alai who posted the photos online, has received a lot of backlash from a section of his fans. They feel like the humiliation was unwarranted for and he may have just messed up a young man’s career in his pursuit for votes.

Here are some more photos:



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