These Are The Results Of Maina Kageni’s Key Ligament Surgery

Radio presenter Maina Kageni underwent a successful surgical operation at Aga Khan Hospital a few days ago. After Kageni had announced that he going under the surgeon’s knife, many of fans expressed their fear. He had to assure them that he was going to be well. His fans could not hide their joy when Maina appeared on his feet some days after the operation. He looked lively and cheery.

Before the surgical operation, he took on air and told his fans to pray for him. His appearance is a confirmation that indeed prayer works. The radio personality was compelled to seek for surgery after it was realized that his ligaments in the knee had twisted after he accidently slipped when he was on a road show trip Kajiado over the weekend. MRS scans indicated that the ligaments had been damaged and the medical experts recommended that he goes for surgery as soon as he could.

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