This Is How Rich Flamboyant Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Really Is

Lawyer and political analyst Donald Kipkorir is known to be one of the biggest ballers in the city. Donald is not just a good lawyer but he has a taste in vehicles, he does not ride in average rides. The lawyer who is a social media enthusiast who does not hesitate to air his opinions and his support for the Jubilee government was pictured alongside his newest ride, the latest Range Rover 2016 version which has customised number plates with initials of his name DBK.

He is the only owner of that Range in Kenya. The newspaper columnist is known to be a senior bachelor and his high life has no doubt attracted many women who must wonder what they should do to pin him down.

Donald has been seen in photos with President Uhuru himself meaning that he is in good company in his social relations. Cyntonn investments and Larry Madowo are some of his clients.

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