This Is Probably What You Didn’t Know About The Thugs Captured On CCTV Cameras Shamelessly Stealing In Roysambu


Police are still pursing two burglars who were captured stealing on camera. The two broke into a house at an estate in Roysambu and made away with household items of undisclosed value. Although the video of the incident has already gone viral, the police have not managed to arrest the criminals. The incident was recorded by CCTV cameras fitted in the building. They were wearing jeans and t-shirts implicating that they are young guys who want to make a quick buck.

Examining the video, the two talked on their mobile phones before breaking into the house later on. Reports have indicated that the thugs left their fingerprints in different areas of the house and the whole incident took place within five minutes. It is difficult to track such a case in Kenya because of the lack of sophisticated equipment that can be used during forensic tests. One of the criminals is observed carrying a big backpack before returning to collect more items. Another suspected is seen trying to communicate with someone in a car whose number plate is identified as CE435 Q. It is believed that this is the same vehicle that carried the goods.

Here is the alarming video:

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