This Is The Amazing Amount Of Money King Kaka Wants To Be Paid Every Time He Performs At A Show

Rabbit King Kaka is among the most influential and popular artists in the country. The talented singer has been vocal on matters to do with what an artist should take home. King Kaka has also expressed great concern on the treatment of artists before, during and after staging their performances. In the past, he has exchanged bitter words with different parties during his career including event organizers, radio stations and the general public.

King Kaka compared the amount of money international artists was being given and that of local artists. While referring to artists who have been in the game for many years such as Nameless and Wyre among others, he claims that they should be paid around Ksh.2 million per single show. This implies that other artists who belong to the second tier should be given Ksh.1 once they leave the stage. This clearly shows that Kenyan artists are not making much from their talents.

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