This Is The Matatu Tout Who Was Given A Dogs Beating For Slapping Woman: Video Goes Viral

An Eastlands tout failed to learn from Koffi Olomide’s ordeal a few weeks ago when he slapped a female passenger after they got into an argument. The tout and the lady were in a confrontation about an unclear issue when the tout called the lady ‘mbwa’ and followed it up with obscenities. When the lady retaliated, the tout went ahead to slap her and warned her not to mess with him. This silly decision earned the conductor a thorough beating from men who were in the matatu. They poured on him like a swarm of killer bees and taught him a lesson. This comes in the wake of an increase in gender based violence.

The video capturing this drama has gone viral. The tout tried to justify his actions but the irate passengers could hear none of it. There was no clear resolution to the issues around the argument the men advised the lady to alight the matatu.

Here is the video:

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