This Is What Happened After Uhuru Kenyatta Met The Man Who Outrightly Called Him A Bang Smoker


As leaders from Gusii region trooped to Statehouse to seek political favours, an MCA called Samuel Onkwani used the opportunity to seek forgiveness from the president. Back in 2013 after the heated elections, the MCA told a crowd that President Uhuru should stop smoking bhang. The MCA paid for his insults when he was arrested and charged with disrespecting the Head of State. He was released on a sh. 20 000 bail. It seems the MCA has had a change of heart and is supporting Jubilee. The visit to statehouse was a chance for him to make amends.

As they say, there are no permanent friends or enemies, he was chatting and bantering with President Uhuru and they had time for a photo opportunity to show that they have buried the hatchet. They seemed jovial despite the incident 3 years ago. As we head into another season of political activity, there are likely to be more insults and make ups to come with defections. All we can do is wait and see.

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