Congolese Music Star General Defao Stranded In Mombasa For Failing To Pay Sh 20,000 Hotel Bill

Surprisingly, Congolese Rhumba Artiste General Defao is currently stranded in Mombasa for failing to pay a hotel bill which is amounting to sh 20,000. The bill had accumulated over a two day stay and apparently his promoter who allegedly abandoned him was to foot it. Defao was to perform a show on Saturday in Mombasa and was to be paid sh 90,000. He was also set to perform some other shows in Nairobi afterward.

Unfortunately his promoter who has since been identified as Rashid Osundwa, fled without paying Defao anything. Efforts to contact him were futile as his phone had been conveniently switched off. Even after the disheartening incident Defao still believes Kenyans are a good lot and he would like to continue performiQng in the country.

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