Here Are Some Unbelievable Sexy Photos Of Churchill Show Comedian Jemutai And A Couple Of Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Jemutai is one of those loveable comedians that is fast rising in popularity in the East Aftican region. She will definitely be as big as Kansiime soon. Her real name is Stella Bunei Koitie and not Jemutai as many have assumed. She’s currently one of the best comedians on the Churchill show and her fans can’t get enough of her act. Her deep Kalenjin accent coupled with her composed look when delivering hilarious punchlines make her act very unique and appealing.

Apparently when Jemutai is not wearing her stage costume you’d probably not recognize her if she stood right next to you. She is actually a gorgeous lady who dresses to kill. Am sure many had not imagined her in some jeans or a short skirt showing some skin.

Here are some photos which may change how you view her when she is performing on stage.




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