Shocking Video: This is just how bad the Living Conditions Are at the 2016 Rio Olympics for some Athletes

A video has been making rounds showing just how deplorable the living conditions are be for some Olympians at the Rio games. Even after serious concerns had been raised about the state of the facilities top athletes were going to be living in, little was done if anything to correct the situation. Some Olympians from Jamaica shared a video of their unfinished living area in the Olympic village showing just how bad the situation is. This is probably why some Olympians have opted for alternative living facilities.

The video shows unfinished bathrooms with construction supplies all over, floors that are still wrapped in plastic, bean bag chairs and some cheap beds. The hallway also shows some construction supplies that are probably still being used. The video was shot two days before the Olympic games begun. It’s a shame that the city wasn’t well prepared for the world class event. Hope that this will not affect the performance of any of the athletes at the games.

Here is the video

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