This Dead Man Got Two Obituaries In Same Newspaper: One From His Wife and another From His Girlfriend


Leroy “Blast” Bill Black from New Jersey made news after his death at 55 from lung cancer. This was after his wife and girlfriend posted two different obituaries of his death in the same newspaper. At first readers of the Friday, August 5th edition of The Press Of Atlantic City thought it was a double print but on a closer look they noticed that the obituaries were different. One was from the wife and the other from the girlfriend.

The two obituaries were no mistake. Apparently the wife wanted the obituary in one way and the girlfriend wanted it in another. The newspaper determined that it was necessary to place the two obituaries rather than watch the two women fight over what to put up. After all both were grieving the same loss. I wonder how this situation would have played out if this was in Kenya.

Here is a picture of him:

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