Vera Sidika Finally Admits That She Regrets Her Life Choices And Opens Up About The Problems She Is Struggling With

Unlike what many people believe, fame comes at a price and a good share of problems. When you are famous you have to constantly watch how you behave in public. Everyone will expect you to act in a certain way and scrutinize everything that you do. Socialites for example have to maintain a certain façade to gain more popularity and keep their fans entertained. At times maintaining this status can take a toll on someone and they may break at a certain point.

One of those who may be regretting her life choices is decorated Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika. It seems she is no longer happy with being popular and prefers her old life to her new one. She took to snapchat to air out her grievances. Apparently, she never goes out unless she is hosting the event and has to be accompanied by a bodyguard because perverted fans are always trying to grab her butt.

Here are some of her snap chat messages:





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