You Won’t Believe This Is Churchill’s Jemutai After Seeing Her Unbelievable Sexy Hot Photos

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Stella Bunei Koitie, better known by her stage name Jemutai on Churchill show, is one of those comedians who always leave us in stitches whenever shes on screen. Her clever delivery of punchlines has made her one of the top rising stars in the country. Her Kalenjin accent, creativity and naivety on stage make her comical act very unique and entertaining. Many know her for her antiques on stage but very few know her other side.

Off the stage Jemutai is a gorgeous lady who loves to dress up. When she is not in her stage consume you will probably not recognize her. Am sure you’d never pictured her in a short skirt or some jeans.

Here are some hot photos of Jemutai when she’s off the stage.
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