These Were Robert Ali’s Words Of Advice To “Socialite Lawyer” Donald Kipkorir Concerning His Publicity Stunt

Donald B. Kipkorir has received a lot of backlash following his last week’s tweet where he posted his brand new Range rover sport believed to be well worth over twenty four million without the cost of his custom number plate. Several critics have rushed to air their views dismissing Donald as a show off and other’s even questioning his career as a Lawyer. One such critic is the famous and controversial blogger Robert Alai who had a few words of advice to offer his so-called” friend” Donald.

Claiming the right to criticize the lawyer Alai went on to say that Donald’s flashy rampage of his wealthy friends, cars and trips were causing people to wonder whether he was a socialite or a layer. Mr. Alai went on to say that the lawyer’s showy attitude was uncalled for especially since it made him seem as though he was trying to convince people that he’s wealthy. Regardless of this Kipkorir stuck to his guns maintaining that he’s not the only one blessed with so much wealth that people cannot help but notice.

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