This Is One Of The Reasons Why Many Will Be Seriously Hooked To The Crossover Show Every Weekend

If you love TV like I do then you know exactly what it takes them to keep you hooked and locked in. There’s got to be some food for the eyes, that’s why it’s called tele-VISION right? Anyways jokes aside if you’ve seen the hot and stylish replacement for Faith Muturi then you’ve probably seen the show Crossing over. The sassy lass is said to have everyone hooked to the show, and I’m talking more than just gospel fans making the “crossover” from other stations just to see the stunning Grace Ekirapa.

The young woman has the most gorgeous smile. Subtle, yet alluring and warm. I would be lying if I said I haven’t caught myself smiling back subconsciously, but hey, it’s not just me eh? The lively crossover cohost is the type of person that will keep you watching without turning your dial; and all that mambo jumbo about beauty being in the eyes of the beholder, I beg to differ Grace is definitely the SI unit!

Here are some pics of Grace Ekirapa.




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