This Is The Real Reason Avril’s Ex Fiance Took A HIV Test Publicly After The Break Up

Avril’s decision to take a break from the two-year old relationship with South African lover may have come as a shock to many. She however has her reasons which must be respected.

Her ex-fiance Leslie Mugadza stole Avril’s limelight in social media for a while when he decided to take a HIV test at home and post the status online. He used a home testing kit and thereafter took a photo of it which he posted on Instagram.

HIV test kits display a single line when the result is negative and two lines when positive. His showed a single line. This however was not the message he intended to pass across.

The photo’s caption read, “Lost a friend recently who passed on due to Aids he was in denial and refused to get medication so decided to check my status. I share this coz I feel its important for one to get tested and know their status and possibly prevent infecting others without u or them knowing or mother to child transmission. Get tested know your status remember a positive result is not a death sentence but an opportunity to live healthier and enjoy life positively.”

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