This Was How Paul Mwite Felt About Donald Korir’s Careless Display Of His Wealth

Renowned lawyer Donald Kipkorir made like his flashy mogul name sake –Donald Trump- last week and created quite the uproar on social media last week after he revealed his new “big boy toy,” the latest Range Rover Sport HSE 2016. The vehicle is brand new not to mention Mr. Donald is the first and only one who’s got one in the country. Many people lashed out at the obviously rich lawyer who was simply living the life he’s worked for.

One of the more subtle attacks came from Paul Mwite is fellow lawyer who tweeted that nobody needed to know about the Price of the Range Rovers leave alone their model and whom they belonged to. He was also accused of having an explosive ego likened to that of an adolescent especially after posting a tweet that clarified the massive undersell that Nation media had valued his vehicle at; all this to clarify the vehicle cost 24 million and not 14 as reported. The lawyer went on to mention other entrepreneurs that have been known to flaunt their wealth to show that all the negativity was simply envious people trying to hate.

Here is the tweet:


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