Comedian Njugush Formerly Of Housewives Of Kawangware Pays Dowry For College Sweetheart

Comedian Njuguna known for his roles in Hapa Kule and The Real housewives of Kawangware is on his way to bag himself a wife. Njuguna formally known as Timothy Kimani during the past week paid dowry for his college love Celestine Ndinda. In a lengthy post he spoke on how he met Ndinda back in college and has never looked at another woman.

He went ahead to praise her efforts, talking about how she used to provide food for him as he was dead broke. However, what sold her to him was when they went to drama festival together and due to lack of money, they had to eat in a Kibanda that had no name and she did not complain. He added saying that she even considered him funny and kept following him everywhere. All in all with his pride clear in his statement, he has no doubt gotten the gem he was looking for.

Below are some of the photos from the Ruracio.


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