Popular Pastor, Kathy Kiuna, Confesses Her Hidden Life Of Being A Drunkard and Smoking Bhangi


Kathy Kuina is one of the most renowned and well respected women in the country as both a mother and a minister. Having many followers in their Jubilee Christian Church alongside her husband, they are the perfect example of a successful couple that thrived in love and have been blessed with riches from rugs. However with Kathy Kiuna confession recently, many are bound to see her in a different light as she had a secret life of using drugs and being an alcoholic.

In her recent interview with Citizen TVs Lillian Muli, Kathy confessed that she used to follow the crowd so much, due to peer pressure and was known as a drunkard. As if smoking was not in itself bad for a young lady, she also used to enjoy taking bhangi and cigarettes just for the fun of it. Although this days she is known for a lavish and clean lifestyle, her path before was so dangerous that she even got her first child at 21 years old.

All in all with all that being in the past, she is indeed the best example for young women who have lost their way to imitate.

Here is the full video:

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