Shock as Pros-titute Goes Crazy And Smashes Man’s Car in Broad Daylight after He Refused To Pay Her in Nairobi’s CBD


When it comes to pros-titutes, men who seek their services are always advised to pay up as things could get ugly. However, it seems that some men just do not get this point. A man in Nairobi’s CBD has learned this the hard way, as a video showing a drunk city pros-titute smashing his car windows has gone viral. The video shows the pros-titute approaching a Toyota Noah KBW 89* parked on Monrovia Street just next to Jeevanjee Gardens, with her trousers still pulled down and smashing the windows with a huge stone. The crowds piling up, shouted at her telling her to stop but she was hearing none of it. The worst part is that after completing her deed, she started screaming while touching her goodies saying he cannot feast on her and disappear without paying.

Although it is unclear exactly when the incident happened, one can definitely be sure that the owner of the car has learned his lesson. Hope other men who seek such services learn from his mistakes, if they do not want to be embarrassed in broad daylight.

Here are some photos:




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