This Is Why Kenyan Tour Guide Went Crazy And Stabbed Chinese Couple To Death In Maasai Mara

With many reports of tourists and their guides fighting and even killing each other over money and souvenirs, a Kenyan tour guide has done worse. The incident which happened in Keekorok Lodge in Maasai Mara was due to table space. Although the exact details of how the incident escalated are not yet known, the tour guide in question seems to have been offended when the Chinese couple did not want to share the table with him. Upon insisting that he always used the same table, the Chinese couple ignored him and continued with their meal.

Angered due to the disrespect, the tour guide went berserk, stabbing both the man and the woman with a knife. The Chinese man survived with deep injuries, although he is still in critical condition. However the woman succumbed from her injuries immediately.

The tour guide has since been arrested and is expected to appear in court to answer of murder charges.

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