This Is The Truth About What Happened To Vera Sidika’s Pregnancy

Many people have been wondering what happened to socialite Vera Sidika’s pregnancy. From the photos that went viral in 2014, Vera should be a mother, which has not been the case. The photos that left many people talking were taken way back before she came into the limelight. During those days, Vera had not bleached her skin and she was looking different from the way she appears at the moment. The photograph appeared real and it is not easy to tell that someone had photo shopped her.

If the photo was a result of Photoshop, then the person who did the work must a genius. Her fans and celebrity enthusiasts have been questioning what she did to her pregnancy but none of the theories have proven the fact. Vera has stated clearly that she has never been pregnant. She added that she has been using protection anytime she engages in sex. She claimed that the photo doing round on social platforms was fake.

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