Warning!! If You Are A Member Of “Team Mafisi” You May Soon Become A Wanted Criminal In Kenya

Many laws have been passed against men but this one is out of this world. Ogling may be a criminal offense if the bill presented by Florence Mutua, Busia Women Representative, is enacted into law. Surprisingly, the bill has already sailed through the first reading.

If passed, the penalty for ogling doubles and there will be no out of court dispute settlements. The bill defines ogling as any contact between any part of the body with the breast, buttocks or genital organ of the opposite sex.
This means looking an opposite sex without their consent will be criminal and you will be punished in a court of law. Ms Mutua seeks to rule out of court case settlement and proposes a five-year jail term for suspects.

Police officers are prohibited from interfering with the evidence. However, the bill recommends creation of a police department to deal with the specific sexual offences. The National and County governments have a mandate to create awareness on sexual offences. The school curriculum is also to encompass sex education.
Its time Kenyan men start practicing how to keep their stares to themselves or face the law!

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