Here is an Alleged Phone Recordings of Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa Threatening to “Eliminate” a Blogger for Leaking Photos of him in Rio Di Janiero


Barley a day after pictures of Kiminini MP, Chris Wamalwa, having the time of his life in Rio Di Janiero made rounds online, some threats have been made to some certain blogger. Apparently the MP blames the blogger for having leaked the photos to social media. Initially Wamalwa had claimed that he wasn’t in Brazil and was hold up at some parliamentary meetings somewhere. However, it was soon established that her was part of the Kenyan entourage that accompanied the National Team to the Olympic games.

Even with the overwhelming evidence, the MP still denied the accusations. He swore that he hadn’t travelled to brazil and he didn’t have any intentions of doing so.

Well there may be some truth in the rumors after a recording of the MP threatening a blogger begun making rounds online yesterday. The recording starts off with a man threatening to cut off the bloggers genitals. The MP then swoops in and tells the blogger to watch his back.

Here is a recording of which was obtained by Ghafla

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