Is Alvin Kabogo Gay? Rumor And Speculation As He Attends A Gay Pride Event

Alvin Kabogo is one of the rich kids of Instagram who has a lot of female admirers. However quite recently he was spotted at a gay pride event making some of his fans pose some questions about his sexuality. The Annual event had over 300,000 people and was the biggest in its 44 year history. The event is held to promote equality and diversity, and eliminate discrimination against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

All in all one thing is clear, Alvin Kabogo is not gay. Considering his past instagram photos, Alvin is very much into women. He currently has a girlfriend of Asian ancestry. In this case Alvin attending the biggest gay pride event, can all be boiled down to his support of the LGBT community, something that most conservative Kenyans would never do.

Here are some photos:



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