Not Again: This Is The Shameless Ruthless Butcher Who Chopped Off His Wife’s Arms And Leg Over A “Mpango Wa Kando” (Video)


After one victim of domestic violence, Jackline Mwende came into the limelight for being brutally attacked by her husband, a can of worms seems to have been opened. Other victims who have been suffering in silence are now coming out to talk about the brutality that they have gone through in their marriages. One such victim is Judy Mutava who is from Emali which is along Nairobi-Mombasa highway.

Judy mutava narrated a painful event which caused her to lose both her arms and legs. Trouble started when she questioned her husband about an alleged ‘side-chick’ to which her husband vehemently denied. After the argument, Judy left her matrimonial home but she later came back and this is when hell broke loose. Her estranged husband came and attacked her with a ‘panga’ just after she had come out of the toilet.

The incident left judy without limbs as it was too late for the doctors to save her limbs when she was taken to a local hospital. Judy who before the incident was a hardworking trader is now helpless and fully depends on her mother for survival. Her husband was arrested and is now awaiting trial.
Here is the video

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