Popular Gospel Artist Arrogantly Claims He Is The Richest Musician In Kenya

Gospel artists are supposed to be humble. Humble enough to realize that everything they have can quickly disappear if they are not careful. However, it seems that one Ringtone did not get the Memo. A while back, he was flaunting his new Range Rover but that doesn’t seem to have garnered him the attention he needed. Therefore, he has decided to show off his massive mansion too. Ironically as ringtone shows his riches, he gives all glory to God. In his statement he said;

“I am the richest musician In Kenya and some of this malicious crazy rumors and stupid allegations are from those who with pure envy, because God has made me successful”. He continued saying he cannot be blackmailed, as he is a big boy who always fights and wins. He finished off by telling his haters that they should all be scared, as he will crush and defeat their plans.


With such a rant it’s clear that all the riches have made him lose sight of what is really important.

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