Meet Nairobi’s Rudest, Most Arrogant And Most Violent Robber In Recent History, This Is What He As Done At Only 23 Years Old


When police tracked and gunned down six suspected robbers on Thursday night, they knew exactly who they were going after. In two separate incidents that attest to the impeccable efficiency of the police, the main suspect Kennedy Kinyanjui was shot and killed together with his accomplices in an ambitious operation that culminated in four being shot dead in Mombasa road and the other two in Kilimani. While the gang’s exploits had certainly made them an infamous entity in the criminal underworld, their infamy faded in comparison to that of their notorious leader, Kennedy Kinyanjui.

Kinyanjui, a high school dropout of Kanunga High School was notorious for his brutality. He was known to shoot his victims on the head and never hiding his face. Even going so far as saying his full name before commanding his victims to tell the police that they were sent by Kinyanjui. He had even gone as far as killing his own aunt and inculcating his siblings and mother into his dangerous scheme. The Kenya Police certainly responded accordingly through an operation that ended the 23 year old’s heinous streak. A lot will be said of Kinyanjui but if his aim was to make a name for himself, he certainly did.

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