This Is How You Can Join The Illuminati And Earn Sh 30 Million According To This New Kenyan Website

It seems some fellows will do just about anything to earn that extra buck. A new dubious website has come up promising riches to all those who join the illuminati underworld. Yes, you heard that right, the church of Satan. Those who join are guaranteed a cash reward of Sh30 million ($300,000) and a car worth Sh12 million ($120000). In addition to the goodies they are also guaranteed a new house, one-year golf membership, a total lifestyle change, VIP treatment at all airports, one month booked appointment with top five world leaders and top five celebrities in the world.

Too good to be true? Well there is a catch. You first have to pay Sh 15,000 as registration fee. Interestingly, the money should only be paid through mpesa via a number that the website has given. The website has also given a contact number in case you need more details. Once you have successfully made the payment and filled a registration form you will be invited to the Freemason Lodge where you undergo the Initiation Ceremony.You can visit their website here and read more on the unrealistic offers.

Even though this is definitely a scam there is always that gullible group of Kenyans who will try just about anything to become rich and powerful.

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