Check Out Betty’s New Gangster Look Which Is Bound To Scare Many Men Away

Ever since news came out about the troubles rocking her marriage to Dennis Okari, nothing has been the same for the very popular and attractive TV siren whose private life has been a regular fixture in the headlines. All that drama coupled with the publicity that came along with it seems to have changed her significantly. In the past few months, there have been wild reports circulating around town concerning all manner of shenanigans she’s been up to.

The one that especially stands out in recent weeks is the speculation concerning who the owner of the posh car she’s been driving around is. And now for the kicker; In the midst of all this, she’s also managed to tremendously alter her appearance. Gone is the sweet girl, dolled up for our TV screens. Meet tough, snapback-wearing, teeth -gritting Betty.

Here are some more pictures:




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