These Are The Ingredients In The Jameson Whisky And The Difference Between An Original And A Fake One From Kariobangi

After pictures made rounds on social media showing heaps of Jameson bottles being mishandled, the authorized distributors of the brand in the country issued a statement assuring customers that it was safe to consume it. The distributor added that the pictures showed an operation by Jameson East Africa disposing off damaged bottles after a container ferrying the product accidentally dropped while being discharged by a Kenya Ports Authority crane. To safeguard customer safety, the company decided to legally destroy and dispose off all the remaining contents of the container.

A number of bloggers had initially purported that the pictures had been taken in Kariobangi, an area notorious for producing counterfeit goods. According to controversial blogger Robert Alai, the pictures were taken at Kariobangi North at an unscrupulous manufacturing plant.


Jameson’s main ingredients include unmalted and malted barley, maize, and water, however the distillation process of coming up with the drink remains a company secret. Considering this fact, it would be fairly easy to spot a fake when comparing flavors.

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