Ufisi Utaua Watu: This Is The Daring Man Who Was Making Wetangula Have Sleepless Nights And Endless Matrital Woes

It is hard to imagine how a man would sit in a corner somewhere and decide to unleash a controversial story against a wife of a prominent leader like Wetangula. In case you have plans of the same then you should be prepared for the worst. Nobody even thought that one day the relationship of St. Patrick Ponce Mahele and Cord Principal Moses Wetangula’s wife would come to an end. When the story of Wetangula being beaten by the mother if his children went viral, it came out that Mahele was at the center of the same.

Despite increased incidences of domestic violence in the nation, it was strange to hear a whole lawyer and flamboyant politicians like Weta Mtetezi ,as he is popularly called ,being battered by the wife. Even men from Nyeri who are ever on the receiving end had the guts to share the story of Wetangula’s woes. After spending seven months behind bars, the Congolese national is now a free agent.

According to reports from the court, Mahele was released after the senator opted to skip several court proceeding making it difficult for the case to continue.

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