Boniface Mwangi Viciously Attacks Prophet Owuor And Says These Very Disturbing Comments About His Ministry And Followers

In a series of free flowing tweets, activist Boniface Mwangi launched an attack on the flamboyant Prophet Owuor as he makes his way to Nakuru for crusades. The prophet is one of Kenya’s most controversial religious leaders who has a massive following of ultra-loyal adherents. Scenes of his followers washing roads with water and soap for him to pass have captured the imagination of Kenyans who view his ministry as a misleading cult. Boniface Mwangi has an issue with the prophet’s healing meetings where the sick abandon their medication to seek divine healing. Mwangi’s mother died of similar circumstances when she defaulted on her medication after being misled by a religious leader and this pissed him off.

Boniface questions Prophet Owuor’s integrity calling for media houses to do investigative pieces on the mysterious man of God. He warns people against deserting their families in order to follow cults like Owuor’s. Talking of investigative pieces, the preacher’s source of fabulous wealth remains a mystery as he does not take offerings in his meetings. Boniface might just have opened a debate on the prophet.

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