Lord Delamere’s Heir Tom Cholmondeley Is Dead, This Is What Caused It


Lord Delamere’s heir Tom Cholmondeley died in MP Shah Hospital on Wednesday at 2:15 pm. Tom Cholmondeley, 48, was in the Intensive Care Unit recovering from a hip replacement when he suffered a cardiac arrest and died. Tom Cholmondeley is often remembered as the rich heir who after killing Robert Njoya, a stonemason, was sentenced to only 8 months in prison in 2005. In the judges statement he said that Tom Cholmondeley was only defending himself from the intruder and had no intention to kill. He added saying that Mr. Cholmondeley had already been in custody for more than 3 years and with no malice intended, warranted the light sentence.

The prosecution even acknowledged Cholmondeley’s efforts in the case stating that Mr. Cholmondeley had desperately tried to save Mr. Roberts life, even calling the Kenya Wildlife Service and the police. He even went as far as rushing the victim to hospital in his own car.

With Many Kenyans not associating themselves with the man, many are wondering who is going to inherit Lord Delamere’s Billions that have been left behind. In this case Kenyans have to wait and see how the drama unfolds.

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