This Is Probably What You Didn’t Know About The Girl That Ringtone Allegedly Impregnated


Ringtone breathed a sigh of relief after a ‘makanga’ from Thika town rescued him from a presumed gold digger. Last week, a lady by the name Angel Nyambura became one of the main topics of discussion on the internet after claiming that controversial gospel musician, Ringtone, had impregnated and dumped her. However, the story got a new twist after her ex-boyfriend emerged and claimed that the pregnancy is his.

Philip Mwaura who is a tout in Thika was shocked when he heard that her ex-girlfriend is carrying Ringtone’s baby yet he knows that the baby is his. The 25 year old man claims that he and Nyambura have been together for a long time and they were completely in love with each other. They were even planning to get married but then, Nyambura’s parents opposed this idea due to Philip’s low income.

After Angel Nyambura got pregnant, She took Philip to her home but her family chased the poor tout away. Philip says that he came to learn later through local blogs that Nyambura is blaming Rintone for her pregnancy.
Ringtone on his side has said that the girls was only trying to soil his name and he has forgiven her. This revelation shatters Nyambura’s dream of ever getting something from the musician.

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