This Is Probably What You Didn’t Know About The Shameless Ugandan House Help Who Was Arrested At The Border With A Stolen Nairobi Toddler

A Ugandan house help has been arrested by Ugandan police on the Busia border while attempting to run away with a toddler. The monster house help is said to have stolen the child from Nairobi. Jessica Wawire, as she was later identified, was handcuffed by the Ugandan police after a stranger tipped them about her intentions. The police then handed her over to the Kenyan police at the border where she is being detained as investigations are underway.

The baby, Kaity Amanda is currently under the care of the paternal Uncle Mr. Ochieng Maurice as the police wait for their child’s parents who are said to be on their way to the station. Speaking to Nairobi news on phone, Mr. Ochieng claimed that he was in Uganda when he was informed about the incident. “I was in Nayemba following a lead when police contacted me at around 2 pm, “he said. Fiona Akinyi the mother of the child has alleged that the house help has worked with them for only two weeks.

The house help:

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