Pomp And Celebration As Drug Trafficker Executed In Indonesia Buried as Royalty In Nigeria

Indonesia is one of the few countries that usually sentences Drug traffickers to death when they are caught smuggling into their country. In this case when Nigerian Izuchukwu Felix Ezimoha was caught smuggling heroin into the country, his case was no different. However the only difference is his burial which will make most of those looking for a job consider being a drug trafficker, since he was treated like a real king.

With the Indonesia government giving consent for his family to fly him back to Nigeria for the burial, Nigerian Izuchukwu Felix Ezimoha ensured he signed an invitation card with the theme “Painful Exist Of A Hero” to invite all to celebrate his death. He also ensured that there should be no gunshots and masquerading at his funeral. Everything should be all song and dance.

Living to his will, his family friends and people from Nigeria had the largest carnival a criminal could ever dream of. With the dancing troupes making sure all were amazed, the 35 year old left in style. Below are some of the photos from the burial.



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