This Is Why Former President Mwai Kibaki Has To Undergo Surgery As Soon As Possible

After falling ill last weekend, Kenya’s third president was flown to South Africa on Sunday. Though the details of the illness have been handled privately by the family with few details being disclosed to the public, it has now come to our attention that Mr. Kibaki will be undergoing surgery this Thursday.

According to a source in the South African hospital where he is admitted at, the former president will be going under the knife to remove a blood clot that has been detected in a vein on his neck. Doctors at Netcare Sunninghill Hospital in Johannesburg believe that this is a relatively safe place compared to if it had been detected near the heart, brain or other vital organs. With this early detection it is likely that Kibaki will be well soon.

Since he was flow to South Africa, Mwai Kibaki has been recuperating well. He has even been able to talk to family members who are with him. The 84-year old man is suffering from his third bout of stroke which may have serious implications on his health. More details are scanty as the former president is guarded with heavy security by Kenyan men. All we can do is pray for the best.

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